The city of Waterdeep may seem perfect on the outside, but underneath this veneer lies a complex criminal underworld, although it is but a shadow of it’s former self.

Stoe, a middle-aged Tavernkeep and widower, hired the adventurers to retrieve his kidnapped daughter.

“You see, there’s whispers going on in Waterdeep, they say there’s a new boss in town… Got quite a following already, doesn’t he…”

Stoe takes a deep breath.

“Here’s the source of my problem, you all are aware of my deal with the guards, I give them directions to the more dangerous types, and in exchange they leave my business alone.. Well apparently this new boss, he’s caught wind of it, and he dosen’t like it much. I’m told my life, and the lives of those precious to me, are in danger.”

Edge Kids

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