Dexterity- 19
Intelligence- 12
Wisdom- 9
Charisma- 15

Weapons: She wields a rapier, a hand crossbow and two daggers.

Armour: She wears leather armour with the Cloak of the Innocuous flowing from her neck (AC: 15)


When I was a young child, a thief was caught stealing from our home by my father. In a panicked attempt to save himself, the thief knocked an oil lamp off of the wall and on to the floor. He then threw his own torch onto the oil, starting a blaze that consumed my whole house. In a rage my father chased the thief away only to be stabbed by the intruder’s concealed knife. My mother ran as I helplessly grabbed at her hand until she was crushed by a falling beam. She pushed me away, screaming at me to run and get myself to safety. I watched as my father bled in the corner attempting to crawl away from the oil which slowly caught up to him and set him alight. I watched as my mother struggled to lift the flaming beam off of her as it slowly burned through her stomach. I hear the crackling of the fire and the bloodcurdling screaming of my parents every night as I’m left alone to dwell in my thoughts.
That was 12 years ago. Since then, having no orphanage to turn to, I have lived on the streets of my home city, finding shelter in sewers or under scaffolding. I have begged for money, committed petty theft simply in order to survive and hunted animals with a small knife just to have my food for the night.
I still hold dear to me the pocket-watch my parents gave to me on my 6th birthday. It guides me through tough times along with my pet mouse, Snuffles, that I met when I was 16. I shared my evening meal with him and he has stayed with me ever since. I use a map that I keep folded up in my back pocket to navigate my home city of Waterdeep and have learned the secret tunnels and transport routes to maximise the efficiency of my movement across urban areas. I attempt to keep a minimum of 10 gold pieces on me at any one time, in case of emergencies.


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